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Feeding densely populated areas: According to one estimate , if all the agricultural land in New York state were devoted to feeding New York City’s population of 8 million 2 , there would be only enough food to feed half the city—with nothing left for the rest of the state. 3 One adult eats roughly one ton of food per year. Where there are a lot of people in one place, there may not be enough local farmland to support them all.

Feeding densely populated areas:

Out-of-season variety : In northern latitudes, most food production is suspended through the cold season. If people in those regions ate only local food, their options would be very limited unless they preserve fruits and vegetables to last the winter. Some households are doing just that, but it requires effort and planning. Otherwise, shipping food from Florida, California, Central and South America, and other southern locales can provide people with year-round variety and nutritional diversity over the winter months.

Out-of-season variety

Allowing regions to focus on their strengths: Some regions are better at producing certain foods than others. Vermont, for example, has a short growing season, rolling hills, and rocky soil—less than ideal conditions for growing many crops but suitable for raising dairy cows. 4 From an economic standpoint, it makes sense for Vermont’s farmers to focus on the products they are best suited for. In fact, they produce far more milk and dairy products than are consumed within Vermont, 5 and export the surplus to other states. Other states, in turn, export to Vermont the foods they are best at producing.

Allowing regions to focus on their strengths:

Other reasons have to do with the nature of the food distribution industry (see below).

Food distributors

Food distributors provide a bridge between the people who produce food and those who sell it. They gather products from farmers and food processors, store them in warehouses, and then transport them to retail and wholesale buyers.

Large businesses like supermarkets, chain restaurants, and food service providers for schools, hospitals, and other institutions rely on distributors to help acquire the many foods and ingredients they need to operate. A supermarket, for example, does not have time to purchase from hundreds of different farmers and processors to stock their shelves. One farmer, meanwhile, rarely produces enough food to make it worthwhile for a large business to purchase directly from them. A distributor brings together goods from many different producers and processors so they can be sold in bulk.

Food distributors are also part of the reason foods are transported long distances. Larger, more competitive distributors may buy only from large farms that provide a steady supply of goods at the lowest prices—even if those farms are halfway across the globe. This competition for lower prices can drive smaller farmers out of business, while making regions more dependent on food from faraway places. For example, in 1870, all the apples eaten in Iowa were grown by Iowa farmers; by 1999, 85 percent were imported from outside the state.

Some smaller-scale farmers are getting around these problems by “cutting out the middleman” and selling directly to consumers (e.g., at farmers’ markets). Farmers get a larger share of the profit this way, and they can build personal relationships with consumers who want to know and trust where their food comes from.

Left: Energy used to transport one ton of cargo one kilometer.Right: GHG emissions from transporting one ton of cargo 1,000 kilometers. Fossil fuel–powered vehicles deplete dwindling oil reserves, impact air quality, and emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) that contribute to Skechers Wave Lite Side By Side LoaferWomens Gray Huge Surprise Cheap Online Discount Free Shipping dWYGH
. By rail and by sea are generally the most energy-efficient modes of transport, though air freight can transport the most perishable items, such as strawberries and cherries, that would otherwise spoil over long, slow journeys. Data source: C. Weber and H. Matthews, 2008.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by stage of supply chain. What people eat generally matters more for climate change than how far food travels. Across the U.S. food supply chain, from farm to retail, transportation accounts for only an estimated 11 percent of GHG emissions. Most emissions are from producing food, particularly animal products. Research suggests that if Americans followed a plant-based diet one day per week, they could cut GHG emissions more than by following an entirely local diet.

In some cases, trading food with faraway places has advantages over eating local. According to one study, producing lamb and dairy products in New Zealand and shipping them to the United Kingdom used less energy, and produced fewer greenhouse gas emissions, than producing these foods in the U.K. This is mostly because the animals in New Zealand grazed on pasture year-round, whereas in the U.K. they were housed indoors and required feed. Photo credit: Phillip Capper, 2006. Creative Commons Therafit Brittany SandalWomens Black Polyurethane Best Authentic Buy Cheap Best Cheap Real Finishline CWvQ3uIAR

For most of human history… perishable foods were by definition local.

Baggage Forwarding Service

Make your visit to the Alpine Route more comfortable with our baggage forwarding service! Your baggage will be reliably transferred from one hotel to the next with same day forwarding. * Rates apply per item of baggage.

Service available : April 15th – November 10th. Hotel Tateyama Midagahara Hotel: April 29th – November 4th. Dentetsu Toyama-Nagano Station: April 15th – October 31st.(4/15-10/31)

No reservation required. When using a baggage forwarding service, time is needed to arrange so please arrive to board 20 to 30 minutes early.

first train – 9:50


Until 8:30


[Toyama City] Toyama-Chitetsu Hotel / Toyoko Inn Toyama-eki Shinkansen-guchi No.1 / Toyoko Inn Toyama-eki Shinkansen-guchi No.2 / Toyama Dai-ichi Hotel / Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu / Canal Park Hotel Toyama / Toyama Manten Hotel / APA Hotel Toyama / ANA Crowne Plaza Toyama / Hotel Grand Terrace Toyama / Daiwa Roynet Hotels Toyama / Comfort Hotel Toyama Ekimae / Hotel Route-INN Toyama Ekimae ※pick up only Hotel around Toyama station [Unazuki Onsen] Unazuki Kokusai Hotel / Hotel Togen / Enraku / Hotel Kurobe / Entaijiso / Green Hotel Kisen / San Yanagitei / Feel Unazuki ※pick up only Yukai Resort Unazuki Grand Hotel

6:30 – 10:10 (No reservation required)

15:30-17:30 *16:00-17:30, forwarded at Tateyama Station office

Until 8:30


Kurobe Kanko Hotel / Ryokan Kanoya / Tateyama Prince Hotel / Oribana / Hotel Yumenoyu / Hotel karamatsuso / Ryokusui-tei KEISUI / Kurobe View Hotel / Kuroyon Royal Hotel / Alpine Route Hotel / Nanakuraso / Takenoya / Hoshino Resorts KAI Alps

8:00-11:10 (No reservation required)

15:00-18:30 (17:30 during Nov 5-10)

Opening hours / 9:00AM – 8:00PM Procedures for hand baggage forwarding service may take time. If taking Shinkansen or bus, please arrive with time to spare. Takes 5-10 minutes to get to east exit bus stop for Ogizawa Station-bound Express Bus. See Nagano Station – Ogizawa Station Express Bus timetable Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 Running ShoeWomens Folkstone Gray/Clover Release Dates For Sale eis0OWZJR

(No reservation required) Reception time for same-day baggage forwarding: 9:00 – 10:30.


Check your baggage at the front desk by 8:00 a.m.


Tateyama Kurobe Service Co., Ltd., Alpine Porter Service Phone Best Wholesale Buy Cheap Outlet Locations Carolina CA3524Mens Copper c03TFp5
/ FAX +81-76-464-1033

For faster service at the counter, please download and print this PDF document. Fill in the check-marks.

This service is not available at Ogizawa station. We cannot, and will not be responsible for baggage including cash, valuables, and fragile materials. Please be aware that there are times when we cannot forward baggage on time due to bad weather or road congestion. Registration and administration takes time. There are times where you cannot get on the train at the last minute. Please arrive early to check your baggage so that you can be ready to depart, at least 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

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